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The support groups are now closed, however this site still continues as an active resource on men’s mental health.

We are a mental health organisation aimed at men. However we are also interested in creating dialog with women who know a man who has suffered or currently suffers from a mental health issue.

The suicide rate for men is up to three times higher than for women, and with Robin Williams recent suicide (I’m writing this a few days after on 19th August 2014), I feel driven to set up this website to reach out to men who are suffering from depression or anxiety.

I am Mike, the founder of this organisation. I suffer from depression and anxiety and have learned many strategies over the years to learn to cope better with these debilitating conditions. Some people like myself seem to have a long-term condition that can’t be cured, but instead can be managed. Other people will fully recover from their conditions.

The main thing to focus on is that however bad your situation is now, most people can improve and become much better than they currently are.

We are currently based in Abergavenny, Monmouthshire. However this website is open to all men suffering from depression or anxiety from all round the world.

If you are feeling suicidal at this moment then check out this site: Metanoia

This site is here to support you. Please feel free to contact me and I will do my best to contact you.

We have started to received some celebrity endorsements. Celebrities help raise the profile of the organisation which in turn means that we can reach more people. So thank you to our celebrity endorsers.

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