Dedication to Kane (9th October 2016)

Someone I know (Kane) from an art group, killed himself about a year ago (30th October 2015). I didn’t know him very well, but we had bonded over music and art many times, and I felt a closeness to him, that I don’t always feel with other people I’ve met.

A friend asked me to give him a lift, to see Kane’s mum. Kane’s closest friend also came with us. We arrived and spoke to his mum. It was almost the first anniversary. Kane had a gentle soul even though he was into death metal. We walked to the viaduct where he jumped. It was quite shocking to stand at the edge and look over. All us three guys had a beer (well I had a sip as I’d be driving home in a couple of hours), to remember Kane. His closest friend pours a Monster energy drink off the viaduct (making sure no-one was beneath of course), as Kane loved having those drinks every day (he once said they helped combat the sluggishness of some of his medication).

His closest friend said he wanted to go into schools to teach children about mental health, so they could spot it early and support each other where required. Prevention is always better than letting something get far worse over time by catching it late.

Kane loved death metal (and lots of other forms of heavy metal). I didn’t know a lot about it, so he once drew me a family tree of how all the genres of metal bands had grown from one band (Black Sabbath). I can’t find the bit of paper. I wouldn’t have thrown it out, so I don’t know if I’ve mislaid it in my bedroom, or if I gave it back to him at some point. Either way it’s a lovely memory for me, as he showed so much passion drawing that chart.

His art work was often based on the hallucinations he often saw, which sadly medication didn’t fully control. He seemed to enjoy his art work. He once sang an amazing death metal version of The Passenger by Iggy Pop. I must ask my friend to give me a copy so I can put it in this dedication page.

His mum said that after everything that has happened her compassion and understanding for others is huge. It’s the first time I’d met her, however she has a huge heart. I briefly met Kane’s step dad and he seemed lovely too. Today was very touching for me, as I saw kind and wise souls sitting with me as we exchanged memories of Kane, and looked at his art work. Most of us hadn’t heard the Iggy Pop cover, so it was incredible hearing him sing from beyond the grave. A happy memory of him.

Kane used to be withdrawn when I first met him, however at one stage we managed to get hold of a drum kit, which he loved bashing. This got him into doing his death metal scream singing, which was scary if you’d not heard it before, but always miraculously in tune somehow!

It was an honour meeting you Kane, and I’ll never forget you.


Hi Karl. I’ve added the original painting of the Mule we gave Kane.


One thought on “Dedication to Kane (9th October 2016)

  • October 11, 2016 at 10:06 am

    and don’t forget the mule! That was the most we ever saw him laughing and boy did we all laugh a lot that afternoon! (I think i was in tears and had to run to the toilet with a weak bladder!).
    It’s a shame we didn’t keep that word game with the mule on it as we could of shared it for everyone’s entertainment.
    The mule became our emblem thanks to Kane and he loved it when i printed a mule off the net and put it on the front of the drum kit for him.
    I also drew and painted a mule in wax art class inspired by Kane.
    Each time i see new Game Of Thrones i feel sadness of Kane’s passing as it lit his face up ever week when i recorded each new episode for him.


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