Equalism Not Feminism

After the York University fiasco regarding them cancelling their marking of International Men’s Day (2015), a petition was started to reinstate it. One of the comments on that particular petition was very enlightened. I fully agree with this guy’s response:

Michael Musashi Marucci · Producer/Mixer/Engineer at Sonic Zen Studios
Thank you for helping us move in a direction of true equality for people of all walks of life, sex, gender, religion, race.

To quote something I wrote the other day after a friend wrote about the York incident with the male suicide.
I think feminism is an outdated term.

I think we’ve reached a place where there is fundamental equality of the sexes in our modern society (to be fair, in MOST countries. Work still needs to be done in quite a few)

That being said, I feel it’s time to shift to a more all encompassing term, and an all encompassing movement.

Equalism. Not gender specific, but philosophically specific.

Equality, compassion, and dignity are the rights of all peoples and all sexes. The term feminism is inherently gender specific, and exclusionary. Even if it isn’t meant to put up divides, it does. We need to move toward a world where everyone is given equal treatment, equal rights, and that means abolishing terms that indicate the opposite. Providing an environment where everyone has a voice, and everyone feels safe to seek help, to seek dialogue.

If feminism truly means “equality for all” than update the term and let’s bring everyone together.”


A man who grew up with a father suffering from clinical depression and a single mother who struggled to go back to school to become a nurse.

Thanks to Michael (and Ruth who set up the petition) for being enlightened people who are moving equality forwards. People like this are moving the equality story forwards, and not the people sitting on equality committees who mostly seem to have forgotten what the word equality means.

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