First Meeting (27th August 2014)

We met in Caffe Nero in town (Abergavenny) at 1500.
Caffe Nero Logo
There was me (Mike), the other founding member (Murray) and another attendee (S). We had already met in previous situations, so we were all familiar to each other to a greater or lesser extent.

We had a really good laugh and talked about comedy. Mrs Brown’s Boys, Bottom, Red Dwarf, and some amusing stories, one of which included Iggy Pop. This is fantastic because I didn’t want the group all to be about heavy topics. I always envisioned it would be light hearted where possible, with the occasional heaviness if people needed to talk about something that was getting them down. I feel this is important because the point of the group is to both uplift each other and support each other. Dragging each other down is not really a supportive act.

We are looking for funding and I had been advised previously that to get funding it is easier to do so if you are a constituted group. So as there were three of us, we decided who would become Treasurer, Chair and Secretary to allow us to become a constituted group.

S said they would look for a more suitable venue, as we felt that some people suffering from anxiety would find a busy cafe overwhelming. We also decided that some people would not be able to afford a coffee every week, as some future members could be on a very low income.

I agreed to write a draft constitution, that Murray and S could check next meet up (3rd September 2014).

We also agreed on a new time. The successive meets would move to starting at 1600 and ending at 1700.

Once the other two check the constitution draft, I will amend it to a final draft. From there we can make an appointment with a lady who specialises in mental health funding. She requested that we have a constitution before seeing her.

We have all agreed to meet next session.


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