Frank Bruno Email

Frank Bruno

I sent an email to Frank Bruno, a famous British boxer, in order that he might write a positive message for MEN HEAL:

Dear Frank

I have just set up an organisation to help men with mental health issues. The suicide rate for men is three times higher than for women, and I aim to tackle this issue head on.

I aim to set up support groups, locally to me first. Once this blueprint is setup I aim to help people set up support groups nationwide.

I want men to realise that talking about emotions isn’t for wusses. Indeed I think we’d all rather be punched in the face than see a love one die, which proves emotional pain is much harder than physical pain. From this we can say that facing up to emotional pain is more ‘manly’ that dealing with physical pain!

I hope to break the stigma associated with men being able to talk openly to each other and to women about their emotions. It’s OK to suffer, but it’s not OK for society to condition men to bottle things up.

Here’s my website:

Can you write a positive message for my site (maybe with a signed autograph? It would really help my cause to promote such a positive cause.

I watched the documentary about your mental health issues. I feel you are not only a brave warrior in relation to fighting, but even more so with your battle against bipolar disorder.

Best wishes

I will keep you updated to how he responds. Even if he doesn’t, I wish him all the best. He is a brave man.



One thought on “Frank Bruno Email

  • September 3, 2014 at 6:49 pm

    We got a reply from Frank Bruno’s agent on 2nd September 2014:

    “Thanks I see you have just set up this website. Best to come back to me when you have established the website, have a twitter following, Facebook page maybe for your first year anniversary? Good luck and thanks for the invitation

    Dave Davies
    agent to Frank Bruno MBE”

    I look forward to speaking to Dave and Frank in a year’s time when we have moved the project forward much further. I sent my best wishes to both Dave and Frank.



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