Labour’s Equality Manifesto Mentions Women But Omits Men

I was disappointed earlier this year, when I read Labour’s Equality Manifesto (their manifesto can be found here), to learn that it included women, as a group, but excluded men. People are regularly told by modern feminists, how oppressed women are in the West, their rhetoric says that women are oppressed, and all men are privileged. This is untrue, however, therefore I decided to email my nearest Labour MPs, Nick Smith and Adam Greenwood, to ask if they could add men to their equality manifesto.

Labour's Equality Manifesto - Nick Smith MP

Inequalities Men Face

In the email I listed some inequalities men face, compared to women. I omitted others, like the fact that 40% of domestic abuse victims are male, yet there are almost no refuges for men, as there are so many to list. I’ve also learned that men get 60% longer sentences for the same crime, I didn’t know the exact figure previously, hence why the percentage is missing from the original email.

Labour's Equality Manifesto


Here’s the email I sent:

Hi Nick / Adam

Were you aware of these facts:

  • Suicide rate is 4 times higher for men
  • Homelessness rate is 4 times higher for men
  • 11 times more men die at work
  • Men are far more likely to be attacked or murdered
  • Men get much longer sentences for the SAME crime
  • Less men graduating than women
  • Men retire later, but die younger
  • STEM funding for women, but no funding for men going into female dominated subjects (like counselling

Can you also answer why Labour omit men, as a group, from their equality policy?

Every time I ask these questions, people in Labour go silent, or avoid the issue. Do you have the integrity and compassion to make your equality policy so that is supports ALL vulnerable groups?

Labour speaks of supporting “the many not the few”. If this includes vulnerable people, then men are a more vulnerable group in many ways. People often make a huge cognitive error (lazy thinking), by assuming ALL men are privileged. The truth is that research shows that men are a more extreme sex. Although there are more privileged men than women, there are also far more vulnerable men than women.

The problem is that Labour seems to be going for a populism of its very own. A populism that panders to certain groups… groups that I also support, but the problem is you omit everyone who aren’t in these favoured groups.

It’s time that everyone understands REAL equality. Equality is about helping ALL vulnerable people, no matter which group those people belong to, or do you disagree?

I hope that you will change your equality policy to include men, however this would destroy your populist strategy wouldn’t it? Or do you disagree? It would be political suicide to mention men as a vulnerable group, even though that is factual.

I look forward to having a talk with you

Best regards

No Response

I sent this email a few months ago, and again more recently, however they didn’t respond. Eventually I decided to try phoning Nick’s office, but his receptionist said he was unavailable, and that I should try emailing again.

Hoping for a greater response on Twitter, I contacted over one hundred Labour MPs and Labour supporters, but only one responded with compassion, and more recently a couple more were sympathetic.

Unfortunately, the majority of these people ignore the challenge on their equality manifesto, probably because it’s very inconvenient, especially as Labour’s marketing tagline is: The many not the few. I feel that it should be The few not the many, until Labour’s equality manifesto includes men.

Hopes Ahead

Let’s hope if I keep campaigning, that Labour’s Equality Manifesto will eventually include men.

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