Les McKeown – The Bay City Rollers

Les McKeown, the singer from The Bay City Rollers, has given his endorsement for the site:

An inspiring web site to help address a condition that has the capacity to crush an individuals sense of wellbeing, I have suffered with depression for a part of my life, it is an insidious ailment that almost destroyed me. I support this web site and all that it does and will do in order to help de-stigmatise the word and the condition in order that everyone who needs it can get the help and the understanding to deal with this mentally poisonous state.

Thanks to Les for his support. We always appreciate the bravery of anyone opening up to having depression or another mental health issue, especially when there is still so much stigma around regarding mental health.

Good effort Les, and thanks again!

Les McKeown - Singer from the Bay City Rollers
Les McKeown – Singer from the Bay City Rollers

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