Letter to Adam Ant

Here’s a letter we’ve just posted to Adam Ant. We are currently looking for celebrities to talk about their own mental health issues or to give messages of support in order to end stigma. We are very passionate to help end stigma towards mental health.

Eventually we also hope to have a huge worldwide gig called Mind Aid that is not about fundraising, but is just all about ending stigma. This is highly ambitious, however our passion is so immense this ambition feels very achievable.


11th September 2014

Hi Adam

We’ve been running a support group for a while, for men suffering from anxiety and depression. The group is called MEN HEAL and is going well. Our resolve has been strengthened since Robin Williams’ death. We have both suffered from depression and anxiety for many years, and luckily we have come a long way and we want to share the techniques we have learned with others (such as meditation and mindfulness etc).

Obviously we couldn’t leave the women out of the equation, so we have also set up a mixed support group called Breakthru. We are a huge fan of yours, and have been since we were kids (we are now in our early 40s).

We are also considering doing an end the stigma mental health gig, which would include some bands and stand up comics. We would call this Mind Aid.

We would love it if you could do any of the following in order to support us:

  • Send us an autographed item of your choice for fundraising purposes
  • Write a positive message for people with mental health issues (please find the current celebrity endorsements enclosed). Add your message by emailing ….@……….
  • Consider doing a gig for Mind Aid to help end stigma

Best wishes to you

Mike and Karl

From MEN HEAL and Breakthru

We hope to hear from him soon.

(Copyright Mike Youell 2014)

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