Meeting with Assembly Member Sara Jones

Today I met with Welsh Assembly Member, Sara Jones to discuss two main topics:

  • How we can move MEN HEAL forward
  • How we can tackle mental health stigma

Moving MEN HEAL Forward

  • Sara said she’d look in to the possibility of getting a venue from the council for free. This would really help because we currently meet in Caffè Nero, which is a great place, but it’s difficult to get privacy, which is of course essential for a group like this. At least one local member of the group gave feedback that it was difficult to talk in a public place (feedback graciously noted)
  • We talked about how positive sport can be for mental wellbeing, not only because exercise has been shown to be beneficial for mental wellbeing, but also because sports, especially team sports, can give a lot of camaraderie and self-confidence. Sara will look in to a possibility of up to £1500 funding (per year) for sports equipment for the group. Again not expecting anything, but great to investigate
  • Sara asked if she could help with marketing the group. Hopefully we’ll talk about that again soon

Tackling Mental Health Stigma

Thanks to Sara for being so supportive in the area of mental health. She is a mental health champion.


We will meet again in 2015 to push things forward further.

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