Mental Health in Accident & Emergency (Well done NHS)

I’ve just got back from the local hospital (Nevill Hall in Abergavenny). Due to increased security the only entrance open in the late evening is Accident & Emergency. We had to go through the A&E entrance in order to replace the old posters.

Reception let us through no problem, and we replaced the posters we had access to. On the way back I remembered that I’d seen a C.A.L.L. Wales poster up in the main A&E waiting room. The other posters were kept up with pins on noticeboards, so we needed to find blue-tac to put up a poster in A&E. We had no blue-tac with us so we had to collect some across the hospital (little bits left on walls here and there… next time we need to remember blue-tac!).

As we collected the last bit of stray blue-tac while walking through the corridor back to A&E, a nurse spotted us and thought we were acting a bit strangely (to be fair it was slightly strange to be collecting blue-tac late in the evening in a hospital!). She politely asked us what we were doing, we explained we were putting up posters for a men’s mental health organisation that we ran. Her response was amazing. She said “What a great idea, you should put one up in the A&E waiting room because a lot of people who come in need support”. I asked her who I needed permission off to put the poster up and she said that she was giving permission (thanks Cathy).

To think that about 12 years ago (2003) A&E in Cambridge fobbed me off (read the story entitled Car Parking Attendant Saves My Life (Psychiatrist Doesn’t). I’m feeling that the attitude of hospital staff has changed for the better, maybe your experiences do or do not reflect that, however my experiences recently make me feel that things have improved. What are your experiences? Please leave your comments below.

Thanks to Cathy for healing part of the emotional wound I experienced when I visited A&E 12 years ago. Her attitude has increased my confidence in NHS staff regarding mental health issues. I feel the world is a slightly better place tonight.


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