Mental Health Stigma and Brain Training Podcast – BBC Radio 4

An interesting discussion on how useful the ‘1 in 4’ statistic is in regards to mental health awareness campaigning. One person on the programme believes that it is a harmful idea to use a statistic like 1 in 4, whereas another lady who campaigns for mental health thinks it’s been beneficial. I personally believe that Time to Change is doing a great job.

BBC Radio 4

The 1 in 4 idea is somewhere to start though. I have seen stigma improve.

Later in the programme they discuss about the benefits of brain training, and how it can help us with emotions.

Brain training is likened to training muscles. The more we train our emotional resilience, the better we get (the larger the muscle gets). However I recently read of emotional resilience training in a school. The pupils became far more resilient. However within two years of the training stopping the benefit was completely lost. Which shows that we need to keep up the training, just as you need to keep training down the gym to retain the benefits.

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