Minutes of Meeting (17th September 2014)

Murray and S both turned up again at the Cafe.

Murray will now be vice-chair, and head of marketing. I will be chair and founder. S will be secretary. This means that we are now looking for a treasurer. In order to get a treasurer we will need to start marketing the group.

This week we designed A4 fliers so we can market the group, so we can push forward with this soon.

One issue we came across was that me and Murray were pushing ourselves too hard setting up this group. We were so enthusiastic that we started to get burnout. Luckily I spot the signs and so today we mostly had time off from doing anything for the group or with MEN HEAL. I am going to give myself the rest of the week off in order to avoid burnout.

When I got home in the afternoon I slept for quite a few hours and my low mood subsided. It just goes to show how important quality rest is in relation to recovery from depression.

Murray and myself also found a venue this week which is amazing news. It has very good rates when compared to other places we looked at and there seems to be spaces. There is also a kitchen and it’s fairly central.

We look forward to marketing the group and pushing it forward.

I’ve connected with lots of great people on the MEN HEAL Twitter account (@menhealuk). There is a great sense of community on Twitter. Personally I much prefer it to¬†Facebook.

Out next goal is to push on with marketing. S also looked in to the terms and conditions that people will need to sign when they join the group. Excellent work S. And fantastic efforts from Murray as well. I feel blessed to have these guys onboard. They both keep me going.

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