National Centre of Mental Health Visit

Yesterday, Tuesday 10th February 2015, I visited the National Centre for Mental Health (part of Cardiff University).

I was asked to be a Research Champion which means helping to let people know about getting involved in research. (Note: I have no heavy bias here because it’s an unpaid role). For example, last year I volunteered for a brainscan (fMRI) project where the emotional part of my brain was scanned for happiness. The idea was to see if I could train my brain to be happy just be thinking. At first I had to recall happy times, and then unhappy times. Eventually it was hoped that instead of having to think happy thoughts I could just jump straight to activating happiness instantly. This is obviously a very crude explanation of the actual experiment but hopefully in gives people an idea of the type of projects that run.

Paul and Lee asked if I’d be interested in going to their public men’s mental health conference which I said yes to.

NCMH ( do research but always try and make what is learned available to the public so people can benefit.

They are also interested in ending stigma surrounding mental health.

It looks like we’ll be working together for the near future. I’m very excited to be involved.

If you are interested in volunteering for their research (you are paid for your time and get travel expenses) then check out Note that they are based in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom, so obviously you need to live within an hour or two of Cardiff.

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