NEW! Men’s Online Support Group (27th July 2015)

Hi everyone

Some of us men still find it difficult to seek help. This can be due to stigma, or it can be the fear of being seen as weak. I was reading recently that some men therefore prefer a completely confidential form of support. The most confidential form of support can be a private online support group.

Facebook Online Support Group for Men

I created the group on Facebook. No-one can see who is a member of the group (unless they join) even your friends. It is supposed to be a safe, confidential space for men to support each other.

The conversation doesn’t have to be about your suffering, it can be a place just for chatting about anything. That’s the beauty of it… it’s whatever you want it to be. The only rule is to be courteous to each other wherever possible, especially when people are struggling.

Look forward to seeing you in the group soon. Here’s the link:

Best wishes


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