Papillon Art Group Fundraiser

Abergavenny Community Canteen, which fundraises for nominated groups, charities and causes once a month, did a fundraise for Papillon Art Group tonight. We raised £304.10 in total which will help with room hire and materials. People said they’d also donate art materials to the group which will also make a huge difference.

The group meet every Monday 11am-1pm, and every Wednesday 2pm-4pm. It’s free to come along. The idea is to help people with mental health issues, however anyone interested in increasing their own wellbeing through art is also welcome, as prevention is also important. They meet in the hall behind the wooden church on North Street, Abergavenny.

The group is structured in such a way that you can do any art work you like. Two teachers also attend who can help you if you want to learn a particular technique, or if you are stuck for ideas, however it’s up to you want you want to do. Sometimes people come and just have a cup of tea, and relax and do no art, that is also fine.

Well done to Clarissa and Pam for setting up this group.

After the meal Shanti, Nick, Louise and myself spoke about the group. Shanti spoke about the group, Nick and Louise spoke about what they get from attending the group, and I spoke about mental health. I said that 92% of employees hide their mental health issue from employees due to stigma. 1 in 4 people will develop a mental health issue every year, and suicide is the leading cause of death in men under 45 in the UK. I mentioned that we need to all keep talking to break through the stigma, and that there is a critical mass, where if enough people open up, the floodgates will open and stigma for mental health will be completely quashed throughout the whole of society. Hopefully a positive message to end on. Thanks, Mike.


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