Proposed Men’s Group in Pontypool (25th May 2015)

One of my Twitter followers, Neil Barry (@mrnebarry), suggested we set up a men’s group in Pontypool. Being pro-active I said yes!

We visited Pontypool last week in order to check out possible venues. Neil had already suggested touching base with Torfaen Voluntary Alliance, so we popped in to see them. We met Kyle who said we could have a room for free.

I have emailed Kyle lots of information about how we run groups and that we are looking for funding, so hoping to hear from him after this bank holiday.

If you are interested in coming to such a groupĀ or wish to volunteer then please contact us.

Eventually we are hoping to set up groups around the country. The idea is that we’ll help people to set up their own groups and train them how to do so. We’ll also give them all the marketing material, and advice. Hopefully each group will be self-sustaining, this will enable far more groups to be set up around the UK.

Separate groups will be able to meet up for nearby socials or activities with other groups, for example bowling, archery, walking, darts, pool etc. So we hope to make many friends along the way!

We’re really excited for the future.


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