Schizophrenia Poem by Alun J (South Wales)

Schizophrenia’s something I don’t believe exists

It’s just a vivid mind that bends and sometimes twists

It only is a problem when behaviours become strange

When ideas and perceptions exceed the normal range


Our lives have taken different routes, that’s one thing you’ll agree

But sure as day turns into night, we’ll reach our destiny

We have to keep on reaching for what we want inside

Enlightenment and ecstasy, our place in space and time



Alun was a member of the previous incantation of this men’s group. One day we had a poetry session and he wrote down this poem which he had written years before. I found it very moving and it has stayed with me every since. Thanks for sharing this with us Alun, you are very talented.


One thought on “Schizophrenia Poem by Alun J (South Wales)

  • September 1, 2014 at 10:31 am

    A great insight!


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