Second Meeting (3rd September 2014)

We all met up again. Currently there are just three of us.

The other two seem to be very passionate about this group, which makes me even more passionate to move forward and grow the group and it’s reach in helping others.

Last week we decided who should be Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. This information enabled me to write the draft constitution which is needed to set up an official group, which is in turn needed for funding purposes.

We agreed that S would look for a new venue, as some people might not be able to afford a coffee every week, and also it is difficult to maintain confidentiality in a public place.

Me and Murray are to meet with a lady in the coming week who specialises in funding for mental health. So we look forward to that meeting.

We had a great laugh as well, which was great. The other two really cheered me up… luckily they have a great sense of humour.

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

Mike (Copyright 2014)

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