Twitter Marketing and Cups of Coffee

I’ve spent the past few hours following over a thousand people who have some connection with men’s mental health or mental health campaigning. I have had many follows back so far.

I am hoping that raising the profile of MEN HEAL will allow me to reach out to more people.

Tired now… it’s 0215 in the morning. I’m about to make a coffee so I can do some more Twitter marketing!

If you have a Twitter account then please follow MEN HEAL using @menhealuk


As ever, best wishes to all the readers of this site


2 thoughts on “Twitter Marketing and Cups of Coffee

  • September 4, 2014 at 1:12 pm

    Hi Mike

    Just to wish you well with this project. I’ve suffered with mental health problems – panic and PTSD – so I know how hard it is to get appropriate support. Talking with others who feel like you do and therefore understand you cannot be underestimated.

    Men often find talking about how they feel difficult but given an appropriate and safe forum to do so often results in men being able to open up and confront their issues.

    Again good luck with this

    Maggie Fuzzbox


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