When Hurt People Hurt

I had a run in today with someone on Twitter. They seemed to be very angry about ‘white privilege’ but being white myself I found that statement offensive as it made me feel like the problem.

People need to remember that although the rulers of our societies tend to be straight white males, which is obviously unreasonable to the extreme, it doesn’t mean that us white males who aren’t rulers are the aggressors, as we too get punished by those in power just as much as people who aren’t male and white.

I got a lot of aggression because I won’t tolerate fighters of bigotry who themselves are bigots.

However on reflection, I realised that if someone is feeling hurt due to past abuses due to their race, gender or sexuality etc, then it must be easy to become angry with the class or type of people that abused you. It must also be easy to not realise, due to your hurt and anger, that you too have become bigoted.

Maybe this can happen to all of us who have faced bigotry or stigma?

I felt awful with the whole Twitter exchange. It was awful to fight, especially as we are on the same side!

We need to support equality for all, and watch out to see if our hurt is making us generalise a whole type of person away.

How hard it must be to have been bigoted against, and not let the hurt turn to anger which stigmatises others.

Let’s hope we can all watch out for and accept our own hurts and anger so that they may heal.


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